History of Green Beer Day


COUPLE - GBD   Surrounded by rolling farmland, on tree-lined brick streets is Miami University, one of the most beautiful campuses in America, and one of the greatest party schools!  Miami* earned this distinction, in part, because of a long-standing tradition to celebrate one day, literally, dedicated to drinking green beer!

Since 1952, Miami students have been celebrating on the Thursday before Spring Break at this campus-wide, college holiday called Green Beer Day!  Uptown bars open early—before 5 a.m.  House parties, serving green eggs and ham, with infamous signage hanging above their front doors, start much earlier.  High Street is filled with thousands of students wearing green shirts.  Many design their own, having them handmade in Oxford by the local favorite—Lebowski Tees! 

Celebrate Green Beer Day in Oxford—where revelers have come together since 1952.  Frats and sororities, townies and Redhawks, seniors to freshmen all gather to watch the sun rise on the birthplace of the first college holiday dedicated to drinking green beer! Your design or our design, Lebowski will help you create a legendary shirt!

What will you be wearing? 

“If you do drink, don’t do drunk”—Lebowski


*DISCLAIMER: Miami University is NOT affiliated with Green Beer Day.